Row over disabled parking bay extension on narrow Skipton street

Wednesday, 24 January 2024 10:32

By Thomas Barrett, Local Democracy Reporter

Montogmery Street, Skipton. Image: Google Maps

Residents in Skipton claim extending a disabled parking bay could put them in danger due to the applicant’s driving ability which has "caused havoc" and led to complaints to the police.

Motorists who hold a blue badge can apply to introduce an on-street Resident’s Disabled Parking Bay (RDPB) next to their home if they don’t have access to off-street parking such as a drive or garage.

According to a report that will go before the council’s executive member for transport on Friday, a resident, who has not been named, already has a RDPB outside their home on Montgomery Street but has applied to increase its size from 5m to 6.6m.

This would bring it into line with Department for Transport regulations but would mean less space for other cars parking on the street.

Montgomery Street is a narrow road with terraced houses on both sides. It is just off Brougham Street, close to Skipton Parish Church Primary School.

A public consultation was held on the extension over the summer but it received a host of objections with disgruntled neighbours claiming the applicant regularly mounts the curb when parking in their current space.

One objector said: “This parking has put our property at risk and seen our own car damaged. By moving the space closer, you would be increasing the risk of her getting even closer to our property and causing serious damage and as
this is our only living room, putting our four-month-old baby and my wife who is on maternity leave at risk, as this is the main room they use during the day.”

Another objector said the council should reject the application due to the applicants “sketchy” driving ability. They said: “To make their car parking disabled space even bigger means that in our small street, they will have the space of three cars as we adjust to try to make allowances for theirs.”

One person even suggested the council should offer free driving lessons to the applicant so they can learn how to park into the disabled space they currently have.

However, a council officer disputed these claims and recommended that the application is approved adding they see “no valid reason” why the bay could not be extended.

The council’s Conservative executive member for transport, Cllr Keane Duncan, will make a decision on the application on Friday.

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