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Police issue advice to Skipton allotment owners

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Police in Skipton have issued advice to allotment owners following break-ins and vandalism.

Following recent break-ins and vandalism seen around allotment sites managed by Skipton Town Council, PC Raheel Akram, the local Neighbourhood Policing Team officer for Skipton, said: "There has been an increase in reported crime and associated issues taking place at the allotments off East Castle Street (Middletown) as well as Broughton Road. This trend was first recognised and steps were taken to address the issues around 6 weeks ago, however, it is understood that the problems have started to occur once more and so the police are keen to deal with this and prevent any further incidents.

"The incidents are being investigated by means of what is referred to as a ‘problem solving plan’, this is a staged process which ultimately leads to the apparent problem being dealt with. The need for the incidents to stop and for those responsible to be identified and prosecuted is clear, however this will take time. 

"In order to safeguard the location and protect the property at the allotments, I am suggesting that some simple measures are taken in the first instance.

"Please lock all doors and windows of any sheds and outbuildings at the site and although it may be a nuisance, please consider removing any valuables from the site whilst the problem is being investigated. An increase in police patrols is one strategy which has been requested. There are steps being taken to obtain some equipment which will act to offer a deterrent as well as a tool to assist the investigation process. 

"I am asking for all allotment holders to email me with their contact details (name and contact number) so that I have a list of people that need to be informed and updated. Further to this I am considering the need to speak to everyone as a collective, in person, to offer advice on the situation and for the problem to be suitably addressed.

"Further to the above, I am hoping to arrange for a property marking event to take place at the allotment, this will be advertised on social media and will hopefully offer reassurance to allotment holders as well as provide a deterrent and visible marker to the suspects that the police are trying to tackle the situation pro-actively".

North Yorkshire Police have an occurrence number for which the majority of the reports of crime are being logged against, this is incident number 12220223616.  PC 437 Raheel Akram, the local Neighbourhood Policing Team officer for Skipton can be contacted by his email address: raheel.akram@northyorkshire.police.uk

Skipton Town Council have said allotment tenants should also continue to report any further incidents to them on admin@skiptontowncouncil.gov.uk, it will continue to work in collaboration on this issue.

Police issued an appeal in December last year after a series of burglaries at allotments on Broughton Road in Skipton.

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