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Local Election results 2022

Local elections for Bradford Council and the new North Yorkshire Council were held on Thursday 5th May 2022, as well votes to select some town and parish councillors.

In the seven local seats on Bradford Council, the Greens gained Craven (Addingham, Silsden, Steeton & Eastburn) from the Conservatives, while the others were held by the respective parties. In Ilkley, previous Conservative Councillor Mike Gibbons was sitting as an Independent. The seat was won by the new Conservative candidate Andrew Loy who was just 100 votes ahead of the Green Party.

Overall at Bradford Council, the Greens gained 3 new seats and an Other candidate gained one - while Labour lost one, the Lib Dems lost one and the Conservatives lost two. The makeup of the council is now: Labour 52, Conservatives 21, Lib Dems 6, Greens 6 and Others 5.

The five local seats on North Yorkshire County Council went to three Independent candidates and two Green Party candidates. Independent Councillor for Skipton West & West Craven Andy Solloway won his seat after drawing straws because he and the Labour candidate in the ward, Peter Madeley, both polled the same number of votes.

With all seats declared, the Conservatives have enough to control the new council. The make-up of the council is now: Conservatives 47, Independents 13, Labour 12, Lib Dems 12, Greens 5, Others 1.

On Skipton Town Council, the make up of the council is now:
Independent: 5
Labour: 4
Independent Representing & Protecting Our Skipton: 2
Green: 2
Conservative: 1

Below you will find the results in full...

Election of district councillors for Bradford Council

Craven ward - Green Party GAIN from Conservatives

 Caroline Whitaker  Green Party  2713  44%  Elected
 Rebecca Ann Whitaker  Conservative  2488  40%  Not elected
 Umar Farooq Ghafoor  Labour  545  9%  Not elected
 Peter John Kaye  Yorkshire Party  226  4%  Not elected
 Paul Michael Mann  Liberal Democrats  120  2%  Not elected
 Andrew George Ross  Heritage Party  60  1%  Not elected

Ilkley - Conservative GAIN from Independent

 Andrew John Patrick Loy  Conservative  2220  35%  Elected
 Ros Brown  Green Party  2123  33%  Not elected
 George Scaife  Labour  1239  20%  Not elected
 Mike Gibbons    520  8%  Not elected
 Caroline Rosemary Jones  Liberal Democrats  236  4%  Not elected

Keighley Central - Conservative HOLD

 Mohammed Nazam  Conservative  3117  49%  Elected
 Amjad Ali Zaman  Labour  2864  45%  Not elected
 Alyson Claire Telfer  Green Party  163  3%  Not elected
 Nick Allon  Liberal Democrats  152  2%  Not elected
 Bob Buxton  Yorkshire Party  127  2%  Not elected

Keighley East - Labour HOLD

 Caroline Rebecca Davison Firth  Labour  2554  58%  Elected
 Martyn Michael Charles Wood  Conservative  1296  29%  Not elected
 Swami Anahata  Green Party  266  6%  Not elected
 Kay Kirkham  Liberal Democrats  160  4%  Not elected
 Wendy Harrison    135  3%  Not elected
 Alexander Richard Vann  Social Democratic Party  10  0%  Not elected

Keighley West - Labour HOLD

 Paul George Richard Godwin  Labour  1509  44%  Elected
 Peter Allan Gilchrist Corkindale  Conservative  1257  37%  Not elected
 Laura Ann Kelly    356  10%  Not elected
 Dom Atlas  Yorkshire Party  118  3%  Not elected
 James Jonathan Whitaker  Green Party  99  3%  Not elected
 Steve Spoerry  Liberal Democrats  54  2%  Not elected
 Leo Alexander Robinson  The For Britain Movement  41  1%  Not elected

Wharfedale - Conservative HOLD

 Gerry Barker  Conservative  1855  39%  Elected
 Christopher Eric Steele  Labour  1447  31%  Not elected
 Jamie Luke Needle  Liberal Democrat  852  18%  Not elected
 Chris Turner  Green Party  544  12%  Not elected

Worth Valley - Conservative HOLD

 Christopher John Herd  Conservative  2329  54%  Elected
 Ashwaan Joomun-Whitehead  Labour  1328  31%  Not elected
 Janet Ann Russell  Green Party  439  10%  Not elected
 Bob Jones  Liberal Democrats  211  5%  Not elected

Election of councillors to the new North Yorkshire Council (Craven District Council until April 2023)

Turnout in Craven District = 38.74%

Our local ward results are shown below, you can see the full results for the North Yorkshire Council elections at

Aire Valley

BROWN, Andrew Kenneth

commonly known as Andy Brown

Green Party

1602 - ELECTED

HANDLEY, Stuart William

The Conservative Party Candidate


Glusburn, Cross Hills and Sutton-in-Craven

BARRETT, Philip Melvin


1061 - ELECTED

GRAHAM, Frances Ellen

commonly known as Fran Graham

Green Party



commonly known as Andy Micklethwaite

The Conservative Party Candidate


THORP, Christopher

Labour Party


Skipton East and South

HESELTINE, Robert Geoffrey



JUDGE, Richard

commonly known as Rick Judge



MCDAID, Brian Anthony

Labour Party


MIDWINTER, Heather Laura

The Conservative Party Candidate


WARD, Kathryn Patricia

commonly known as Kate Ward

Liberal Democrat


Skipton North and Embsay-with-Eastby

DAWSON, John William

The Conservative Party Candidate


NOLAND, David Christopher

Green Party





STREET, Philip

commonly known as Phil Street

Yorkshire Party


WINTHROP, Michelle Denise

Liberal Democrat



Skipton West and West Craven

MADELEY, Peter Geoffrey

Labour Party


MULLIGAN, Patrick Thomas

The Conservative Party Candidate


NASH, Claire

Green Party


SOLLOWAY, Andrew Barry

commonly known as Andy Solloway




Referendum on whether Neighbourhood Plans should be adopted

"Do you want City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to use the neighbourhood plan to help it decide planning applications in the Ilkley neighbourhood area?

Ilkley Town Council

 Yes  4925  83%
 No  1033  17%

Election of parish councillors for Menston

 Marilyn Banister    887  46%  Elected
 Christopher Eric Steele    596  31%  Not elected
 Peter Sidney Cochrane    427  22%  Not elected


Election of town councillors for Skipton

Skipton East
HESELTINE, Ruth Annabel Independent 558 - Elected
HARBRON, Christopher James Independent 523 - Elected
FEATHER, Dudley Winston 466 - Elected
JUDGE, Richard Ashley Independent 410 - Elected
SHAW, Darren Christopher 266 - Not elected

Skipton North
NASH, Claire Green Party 926 - Elected
NOLAND, David Christopher Green Party 869 - Elected
BENTLEY, Sheila Veronica Independent 502 - Elected
COURCIER, Malcolm Andre Laurence The Conservative Party Candidate 444 - Elected
OLDFIELD, Adam Phillip 266 - Not elected

Skipton South
HESELTINE, Robert Geoffrey Independent Respecting and Protecting our Skipton 412 - Elected
MCINTYRE, Karen Anne Independent Respecting and Protecting our Skipton 394 - Elected
MORGAN, Lewis Gareth Labour Party 363 - Elected
HIGGINS, Aidan David Labour Party 361 - Elected
BELL, Gordon Independent Respecting and Protecting our Skipton 303 - Not elected
RANKINE, Andrew Stewart Independent Respecting and Protecting our Skipton 274 - Not elected

Skipton West
Not contested by election - candidates elected were Peter Madeley (Labour) and Brian Antony McDaid (Labour)


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